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A Major name in elevators and escalators since 2006, Space Elevators has built a reputation for creating the best point-to-point transport experiences for all. Founded in Lebanon by Mr. Georges Chedid, an elevators’ legal expert with a 27 years of experience in his field, Space Elevators is a leading company in installing and maintaining all kinds of elevators, escalators and moving walkways in the region. As well as providing maintenance solutions, for our manufactured and imported products, to suit all requirements making getting around more comfortable, safe, and even inspiring.

Forming the backbone of our company, a highly qualified team of professionals are hired to ensure that nothing but a perfect quality product and service are delivered to our customers. In addition to accomplishing a work completed to the highest standard securing a long-term sustainability.

We believe in continuous learning, up-gradation, innovation, and passion for the perfection of a smoother and smarter navigation through buildings. After all Space Elevators will always be the name you can safely associate with Safety, Quality, Efficiency, and Comfort.

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